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The Global Industry Classification Standard used by Morgan Stanley define the energy industry as comprising companies primarily working with oil, gas, coal and consumable fuels, excluding companies working with certain industrial gases.[6] Using CrowdPoint’s next generation Blockchain all members of the ecosystem benefit from the transparency, speed and immutable transactions associated with Energy Equipment & Services, Oil & Gas Drilling, Equipment and Services. To include Gas, Consumable Fuels and Integrated Oil. Our Blockchain accounts for sub-industry horizontal and vertical integration of Oil & Gas Exploration, Production, Refining, Marketing, Gas Storage and Transportation.


Our mission is to horizontally and vertically unite Energy Equipment, Supplies, Services and technology for Oil, Gas and Consumable Fuels on our NexGen Blockchain in order to DEMOCRATIZE the Energy Experience for your HUMAN IDENTITY.


1. A) The answer to my future is found with CrowdPoint and blockchain technology. The answer to your future is to follow me to learn about the power of the crowd and join CrowdPoint!

B) By using the power of the Crowd, Blockchain technology, decentralized identity, and YOU, we will make the change the World is waiting for.... join CrowdPoint NOW!

C) In today’s upside down, backward world, I balance myself by utilizing the power of the crowd..... CrowdPoint uses Blockchain Technology, decentralized identity, and Cyber privacy to help small businesses and everyone gain back control over Big Tech. Join the CrowdPoint family to win back independence over your own identity. The power of the crowd is behind you! CrowdPoint has your back!

D) Surveillance capitalism provides free services to people who willingly accept trading their identity to these providers for the free services. These providers monitor the behavior of the users in astonishing detail without the explicit consent of the user. CrowdPoint, utilizing Blockchain Technology, takes back an individual’s privacy and identity from the corporations. This is what is unique about CrowdPoint Technologies and the Blockchain. The Human Identity is given back to the individual. Join CrowdPoint and take back your identity.


1. A) CrowdPoint Blockchain - immutable technology, incredible identity protection, and incomparable visionary leadership. The revolutionary trifecta empowering the crowd to seize the future and reclaim their human identity. Disruptive technology destined to transform worldwide conversations at every table.

B) The transformative technology of CrowdPoint’s Blockchain stirs the wind, it is inspired by God, immersed in prayer, decentralized to save the powerless, and uniquely positioned as the cornerstone to breathe life into tomorrow.

C) CrowdPoint Blockchain – a whisper today; a revolution tomorrow. With God, who can stand against us?

D) Castling to pierce the veil of Performance, Privacy, and Protection – CrowdPoint Blockchain - the tip of the spear thrusts disruptive ripples to reclaim YOU as the sole source of your Human Identity! CrowdPoint Technologies – disruptive to some; miraculous to many.


CrowdPoint Technologies is leading the 4th industrial revolution from Centralized to De-Centralized architecture and from Wall Street to Main Street.

Angela Good - "San Diego County Southern California, USA"


1. CrowdPoint is here to put technology back into the hands of the consumer, you and me. It’s time to take back the controls.

2. It’s time to remember what true good health means, what it feels like and how to claim it. Your health is yours alone; don’t farm it out to pharma any more.

Jody B - Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada


1. "The Crowdpoint Blockchain is unique because of the integrity, the kindness, the heart and the mission that was put behind it - that is to bring about the beginning of a better, more secure and autonomous world. To give YOU back what belongs to YOU - to protect Your Human Identity! That's what drives the CROWD behind this Blockchain!"

Simona - Michigan, Mackinac Island, USA / Romania


CrowdPoint Blockchain is like a big brother. Always here to protect your human identity, instead of being sold for profit by the bullies a.k.a. big corporations.


The Blockchain by Crowdpoint Technologies is a unique business ecosystem that provides privacy, protection, performance, and financial abundance to all, not just to the "few," all powered by the Human Identity: YOU! Why wait? Join the Crowd!

Susan K - Eastern North Carolina, USA


The CrowdPoint Blockchain is one of its kind providing a digital marketplace that spans across several industry sectors, so everyone can participate. CrowdPoint is unique in that it protects and monetizes the human identity and provides compensation for use of the human data. CrowdPoint gives privacy and freedom back to individual. - Ngozi Kalu


1. A) CrowdPoint is unique because allows everyone to be part of it without asking anything about you. At the same time... sounds unbelievable but true, dosen't use your data.

B) CrowdPoint is unique because allows everyone to be part of it without asking anything about you. At the same time... sounds unbelievable but true, doesn't use you but protects you.

C) CrowdPoint is unique because allows everyone to be part of it without asking anything about you. At the same time... sounds unbelievable but true, doesn't use you but protects you.


CrowdPoint block chain is unique because YOU are unique. It aligns with your God-given value that belongs only to you. Your digital identity should be yours alone and the choice should be yours with what is done with it.


1. CrowdPoint Blockchain cybersecurity ecosystem is an intelligent system like your brains that recording and stores information but with the layers of difficulty it's impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. It's a decentralized system that's not controlled by any country are government.

CrowdPoint Blockchain cybersecurity ecosystem is the new integrity that protects and gives you the people back your privacy. It's a cybersecurity ecosystem that values your business and information and will never share or sell your information. Sean Brehm is the founder, and CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies with background at IBM. CrowdPoint Blockchain cybersecurity ecosystem is the system for me my friends and family. Please visit for more information.


1. CP blockchain protects and values your most precious asset: Human Identity! Trade in the privacy of your home in a safe, secure environment with the conference in the transparency of the Blockchain Ecosystem.


1. "CrowdPoint Blockchain is unique and sets itself apart from all other online marketplaces by empowering the consumer to earn dividends from their own data while protecting the greatest asset..... the human identity! Because blockchain is a decentralized system, the smaller businesses have risen up to an equal playing field!"


"1. Why CP is unique:
Your identity is your most prized possession, CrowdPoint understands this, and has made protecting it a non negotiable. The safe, private blockchain ecosystem makes every transaction secure from start to finish.


1. A) "The power of the crowd, can power our freedom, and free our identity, with the blockchain @CrowdPoint Technologies!"

B) "Crowd Point Technologies will revolutionize your life, by empowering you, and giving you back control of your Sigma Prime!" --Arlene Coffey


1. The CrowdPoint blockchain in unique because it is powered by a mission to free Humanity from the chains of Big Tech. At the helm is an exceptionally talented team whose primary goal is not great personal wealth but demoncritization of all people around the world by leveraging the power of the crowd.


1. "Love Freedom? CrowdPoint provides a platform to regain power over Your Identity"


1. When change is imminent, here comes CrowdPoint Blockchain forcing the transfer of power from the monopoly of the Rich and Big Corporations to the equal gain of the Small and Middle-size businesses. The technological sorcery of stealing our human identity and taxing us for it, stops with CrowdPoint Blockchain. No more nepotism and corruption, instead only Transparency and Ownership over your own Identity under Cyber Security.


1. Your Human Identity is unique.
CrowdPoint gives it Power.
We must change and evolve in order to move forward in a Global shift. CrowdPoint is our Digital Warrior.

2. I joined AMEX to be with like minded people who believe in defending our rights to choose health solutions that resonate with the mind/body/spirit. You raise your vibration to a higher frequency when you do business with the AMEX and that matters!


1. A) "When you know that paying it forward is at the very heart of a company's strategy, you instinctively know , you are in the right place."

B) The Crowdpoint Blockchain is nothing short of divine inspiration to free humanity - engineered - by the people, for the people - the future is Crowdpoint, and the future is now."

2. Joining Crowdpoint empowers the ordinary to become extraordinary.- doing business never felt so good.


1. A) "The CrowdPoint blockchain protects and monetizes your information."

B) "The CrowdPoint blockchain protects/safeguards your most valuable asset ( your information) and converts it into a source of income for you."

C) "If you are tired of big tech companies and social media platforms selling your valuable information to advertisers without giving you a penny and censoring important, truthful, and beneficial information that goes against their evil agendas, then come to CrowdPoint. At CrowdPoint your valuable information will be protected and will never be used unless you are paid for it. CrowdPoint believes in the freedom of speech and will never censor the truth."

D) The CrowdPoint blockchain is unique because it has a very noble mission which is to usher in a better and more abundant world for all of humanity in so many ways. First, it provides a very good income for people whether they join CrowdPoint as a distributor, reseller, or technician. It also reduces the cost of living. Not only does it restore true capitalism, but it takes power, control, and wealth from the hands of a few and puts it back in the hands of many. It provides a way to bypass the banks, fiat currency, and the corrupt federal reserve system. It also helps people to break free from the many forms of tyranny that are present these days (censorship of the truth by big tech and big pharma, mass media spreading lies and misinformation, big tech selling people’s information without compensating the people for their information, etc.).

2. A) "High quality healthcare products, pure ingredients, low prices"